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Animation depicting the process of completing the square. ( geometric panels Tshirt Black Gloria Coelho Visit New Cheap Price Free Shipping Big Sale From China Free Shipping Low Price Sale Free Shipping Really Cheap Price yKS1iVb9V
, animated GIF version )

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, completing the square is a technique for converting a quadratic polynomial of the form

to the form

for some values of h and k .

Completing the square is used in

In mathematics, completing the square is often applied in any computation involving quadratic polynomials. Completing the square is also used to derive the quadratic formula .


There is a simple formula in elementary algebra for computing the square of a Tibi Virgin WoolBlend OpenFront Blazer w/ Tags Cut-Price How Much Online Discount Wide Range Of Buy Cheap Discount Edawl1

For example:

In any perfect square, the 100% Original Online Wholesale Online cut out details sweatshirt Unavailable Andrea Bogosian Discount From China yyUCE3
of x is twice the number p , and the constant term is equal to p 2 .

Consider the following quadratic Escada Wool PeakLapel Blazer Outlet Low Shipping Fee cUw6j

This quadratic is not a perfect square, since 28 is not the square of 5:

However, it is possible to write the original quadratic as the sum of this square and a constant:

This is called completing the square .

Given any monic quadratic

it is possible to form a square that has the same first two terms:

This square differs from the original quadratic only in the value of the constant term. Therefore, we can write

where k = c b 2 4 {\displaystyle k\,=\,c-{\frac {b^{2}}{4}}} . This operation is known as completing the square . For example:

Given a quadratic polynomial of the form

it is possible to factor out the coefficient a , and then complete the square for the resulting monic polynomial .


This allows us to write any quadratic polynomial in the form

The result of completing the square may be written as a formula. For the general case: ruffled Aline skirt Black Ermanno Scervino Recommend Cheap Online Authentic Sale Online Sale With Paypal Cheap Online Discount Wiki BUjsmJM

Please make a note using double brackets [[ ]] like this: [[good guess?]] or simply [[?]]. Save your work and you can continue transcribing the rest of the item.

Did you leave a project on a certain page or want to move forward or backward in the project? You can use the [Go To Page] feature on the project page - located near the project summary - or you can navigate using [Go To Page] on the transcription asset page. On the transcription page, you’ll find the [Go To Page] box above the transcription field, next to the [Home] button.

One of the reasons this project is so exciting is that we’re not entirely sure what you’ll find in our collections. As you explore through our many historic documents and scientific labels, just do your best to make the transcription useful. You can Shopping Online High Quality Sale Wholesale Price Nina Ricci Sleeveless Rib Knit Top Cheap 2018 Unisex Cheap Sale 100% Guaranteed Discount New Arrival Sx5sOxPI3
or use the [feedback] tab on the side if you have a specific question you’d like help with.

Minimize the use of double brackets [[ ]] to describe what you see, think about readability and searchability. For math or columned format, avoid using the double brackets as much as possible. super flared trousers Black Nili Lotan Buy Cheap Get To Buy Free Shipping New Styles Discount Good Selling M1hXP
. Don't worry about denoting superscript numbers, dates, or words, such as 2nd, or McDonald, which includespecial characters or ^ symbols. They should simply be written as McDonald, regardless of any superscript written in the original text.

When you see a sketch or picture on the page, please use the word “image” placed in double brackets: [[image]]. You may also describe the image within the double brackets, if you would like. Ex: [[image – bird with long beak and blue chest]], but this is optional, and not required Purchase Cheap Online Womens Classic Legging In Color Black Size XS Nylon Spandex From Sole Society Willow amp; Clay Official Site Free Shipping Reliable Cheap Huge Surprise KZuR1gn
. Please be aware as well, that some images include descriptions on the back of the photograph, displayed in the succeeding transcription image. Be sure to check this. If this is the case, please indicate that an image description exists on the following page. Ex: [[image--see next page for caption]]. See example page .

If you see handwritten notes on or near typewritten text, please transcribe them into the transcription box using a ^ and double brackets [[ ]] to contain the handwritten text. Fake For Sale Enza Costa Woman Ribbed Mélange Cotton And Cashmereblend Mini Dress Gray Size XS Enza Costa Cheap Sale Inexpensive 5MwMY

This sentence is printed ^ [[and here is a handwritten note]] on the page using a typewriter.

If you see preprinted text, make note of it in the transcription box like this:

[[preprinted]] Monday 17 April [[/preprinted]]. See example page .

It is more challenging to key in special characters, so we ask you not to worry too much about them, just do the best you can. However, when one is able to produce the special characters, we welcome them. As long as the characters look right, we can leave them in place during review. See example page .

Please write strikethrough or underlined, when appropriate, in double brackets before and after the word or phrase that has been struck out or underlined. Like this:



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, in North Carolina the governor has no veto power.
He was cold and tired, and, , he was hungry.
, this belief that prophecy had ceased led the religious personalities of the later time to authenticate their message by means of antedated prophecy.
, with the large furnaces which gas-firing makes possible mechanical appliances may be substituted for manual labour in many operations, such as removing and replacing broken retorts, mixing and conveying the charge, drawing and casting the metal, charging and emptying the retorts, and removing the residues and products.
This house is on the best street in the neighborhood; , it has easy access to the highway.
The team was having a great season and, , all the players were getting along.
This college has a great reputation and, , you’ll be close to the city so we can visit easily.
I don’t know what happened at the party last night and, , I don’t want to know.
, the observations on American wasps render it probable that the earlier accounts of the instinctive behaviour of such wasps are exaggerated.
Thus the cardinal number of a is itself a class, and a is a member of it.
, apart from the gradual disintegration of the empire, Athens was disturbed by political strife.
We thus see how the power of the house of Omayya developed itself, and how there arose against it an opposition, which led in the first place to the murder of Othman and the Caliphate of Ali, and , during the whole period of the Omayyad caliphs, repeatedly to dangerous outbreaks, culminating in the great catastrophe which placed the Abbasids on the throne.
, the governmental machinery would be less complex than in the older towns.
, the fact that the Syriac Sen'ar = Shinar was later used to denote the region about Bagdad (northern Babylonia) does not necessarily prove that Shinar-Shumer meant only northern Babylonia, because, when the term Sen'ar was applied to the Bagdad district the great southern Babylonian civilization had long been forgotten and " Babylonia " really meant only what we now know as northern Babylonia.
It was charged that he was in contempt of the Senate in having failed to submit on request a complete report of the management of his office.
, Congress in 1902 appropriated the receipts from the sales of public lands in the state to the construction of irrigation work.
, the Boghaz Keui tablets, though only partially deciphered as yet, go far to settle the question.
, he was a man of great ambition, persuasive eloquence and wide generosity; qualities which especially appealed at that time to the classes from whom he was to draw his support.
we find that (probably after the Persian War) the office is thrown open to the second class, and finally in 457 B.C. we meet an archon, Mnesitheides, of the third, or Zeugite, class.
, the relations between the Philippians and himself presuppose, on any fair estimate, an interval of time which cannot be crushed into a few months.
, the organization of ecclesiastical offices remained unchanged: the division of the Church into bishoprics and the grouping together of bishoprics into metropolitan dioceses.
This passage offers important corroboration of the Icelandic accounts of the Vinland voyages, and is, , interesting "as the only undoubted reference to Vinland in a medieval book written beyond the limits of the Scandinavian world" (Fiske).
it is not till 457 that even a Zeugite archon is known, according to the Constitution of Athens (c. 26), which dates the change as five years after the death of Ephialtes and does not connect it with Aristides.
, Gyllenskold says that when arcs mounted, as they not infrequently did, from the horizon, their apparent width might go on increasing right up to the zenith, or it might increase until an altitude of about 45° was reached and then diminish, appearing much reduced when the zenith was reached.
, agriculture is everywhere accompanied on the sand-grounds by the rearing of sheep and cattle, which assist in fertilizing the soil.
, in order to encourage the growth and preservation of the forests, and to create systematically forest reserves, the legislature established in 1899 a State Forestry Board.
, the visionary who is found at most periods of great spiritual excitement was forced by the prejudice of his time, which refused to acknowledge any inspiration in the present, to ascribe his visionary experiences and reinterpretations of the mysterious traditions of his people to some heroic figure of the past.
, the manufacturing schedule presupposes some uniformity in the method of accounting among different companies or lines of business, and this is often lacking.
he warned Athens against the treason of the extreme oligarchs, and induced the troops to raze a mole erected to facilitate a Spartan descent on Peiraeus.

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Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC)

2018 APNAC Biennial General Meeting

The 2018 The Cheapest Sale Online Wool trousers Saint Laurent Cheap Shop For Clearance Lowest Price tAY3n
Biennial General Meeting (BGM) was successfully held on March 17-18, 2018 in Accra, Ghana; hosted by APNAC Ghana and supported by Ghana, under the theme: “.” During the BGM, APNAC members also elected H.E. Justin Muturi as the new APNAC President and Board of Directors for 2018-2020 period.

APNAC BGM Communique

GOPAC Annual General Meeting 2017 Result

GOPAC is pleased to announce that the agenda items of its 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) were finally passed on January 25, 2018. Previously, the AGM of GOPAC was held in Bali, Indonesia, on September 8, 2017 with GOPAC members participated by in-person and electronic attendance. GOPAC also welcomes Dr. Fadli Zon as the elected Chair and 7th Board of Directors for 2017-2019 period.

AGM 2017 Result Announcement

GOPAC Year-End Newsletter – Highlights of 2017

GOPAC’s Year-End Newsletter is now available online. In our latest issue, we invite all members to take the time to reflect on the past year, and embrace the challenges that we will face in the new year. These are the events that made GOPAC’s 2017 highlight reel.

GOPAC 2017 Highlights

7th Forum of Parliamentarians at 7th Session of CoSP UNCAC

The Forum of Parliamentarians has been a key component of engaging parliamentarians in UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). On November 9, 2017, GOPAC along with GOPAC Oceania, UNODC, UN Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption (UN-PRAC), and UNDP successfully held the 7th Forum of Parliamentarians during the 7th Conference of State Parties to the UNCAC in Vienna. The forum focused on oversight matters and ways for Members of Parliament to improve development effectiveness. We invite you to review the photos and webcast of the session’s webcast through the link below.

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and Clearance Wiki RX Jet Ski Jk Gradient COATS amp; JACKETS Jackets su YOOXCOM Roxy Great Deals Cheap Online Best Store To Get Cheap Online Buy Cheap 2018 New ZX3dxXJ

Accession to Council of Europe Participatory Status

GOPAC has acceded to official status with the Council of Europe. We look forward to working with President Michele Nicoletti, Secretary General ThorbjørnJagland, and the members of the Council’s Parliamentary Assembly, on strengthening public integrity across the forty-seven member states.

Lowest Price FloralPrint Chiffon Wrap Dress Nanette Lepore Many Kinds Of For Sale Eastbay Cheap Online Store With Big Discount xbkK5o

Launch of our Toolkit on the UN SDGs

Legislators from every region of the world gathered in Washington DC, to begin a global effort to implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the parliaments of the world. “Realisingthose goals will require monumental political will and effort by national legislatures and national governments,” said GOPAC CEO Akaash Maharaj. “Our new handbook will give legislators the tools, guidance, and experience of their peers, to help them turn international ambitions into national achievements.”

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Tweets by @GOPAC_Eng

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