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Scheme 3. Three Competing Processes during the Reactions of 1-Hexene with the Palladium Complexes

In ethylene-norbornene (E/NB) copolymerization, the dependence of activities on catalyst follows the same trend as was observed for ethylene polymerization ( flared maxi dress Pink amp; Purple MICHEL KLEIN Online Sale Online dZquYO
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, entries 1–6). The catalyst decomposition tendency among these three catalysts is likely similar as that in ethylene homopolymerization. Interestingly, the copolymer molecular weight also follows the order: [Pd-CN] + > Pd-CN > [Pd-CN] 2+ ; however, in this case, the ratio of incorporated NB of all three catalysts were observed to be similar. Probably, the enchainment of both ethylene and NB monomers is affected in a similar fashion during the stepwise oxidation of the two ferrocenyl units.

Table 2. Copolymerization Studies Using the Palladium Complexes

Conditions: 10 μmol catalyst, 20 mL toluene, = 40 °C, for MA, = 1 atm, = 12 h, for NB and NB-Ac, = 8 atm, = 3 h.


Activity (act.) = 10 g/(mol Pd·h).


Amount of comonomer incorporated (mol %), determined by H NMR.


Molecular weight was determined by GPC.

During ethylene/methyl acrylate (E/MA) copolymerization, the catalytic activity and the comonomer incorporation ratio decreases with the stepwise oxidation of the ferrocenyl unit ( Low Shipping Fee Online sidestud trousers Black Chloé Visit New Sale Online Discounts Cheap Online Free Shipping Enjoy Buy Cheap Order FCkc74PZ
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, entries 7–12). The poisoning effect of the MA comonomer toward the electrophilic palladium center may play an important role in this case. Previously, Guan’s group and our group showed that electron-withdrawing substituents on the α-diimine palladium catalysts lead to lower activities and lower MA incorporations. This is due to an increase in the electrophilicity of the metal center leading to a corresponding increase in the poisoning of the metal center by the MA comonomer; this poisoning effect is more dramatic during ethylene/5-norbornene-2-yl acetate (E/NB-Ac) copolymerization ( Table 2 , entries 13–15). Moderate activity and NB-Ac incorporation were observed with Pd-CN as the catalyst, while both of the oxidized catalysts showed no activity at all.

The redox-controlled ring-opening polymerizations of cyclic ester type monomers usually involve living catalytic systems. Our system is not living, and this provides an important advantage: polymer polydispersity can be modulated through the in situ redox-controlled process. Polydispersity has a profound influence on many polymer properties. In the field of olefin polymerization, the modulation of polymer polydispersity is of particular importance. Polyethylenes with low molecular weights possess low-melt viscosities, high stiffness, and fast crystallization rates. In contrast, polyethylenes with high molecular weights possess high melt viscosities, high toughness, and slow crystallization rates. In combination, polyethylenes with multimodal molecular weight distributions possess unique properties for processing and applications, making them highly desired in industry. Usually, their syntheses require complex polymerization procedures or the use of two different polymerization catalysts. In the current system, two strategies can be used to generate bimodal and trimodal GPC curves: (i) after a certain amount of time during the Pd-CN -catalyzed ethylene polymerization, the polymerization was continued with the addition of 1 or 2 equiv of AgBAF ( Figure S33 ); (ii) the polymerization using a mixture of partially oxidized Pd-CN catalyst (addition of 0. x equiv of AgBAF, Figure S34 ).

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@rezendi /

Data, they say, is the new oil, and open public data is the new commons. Give the people the facts, and they will use them to make informed decisions. Right? Except that’s not the bureaucratic instinct. Bureaucrats fear the free flow of information. And all too often they’ll try to quench it by intoning the magic word “,” and if that doesn’t work, ““, in the most idiotic ways and places possible.

This is a wide and general rule: whenever some tinpot official says something painfully dumb has to be done Because Security, the odds are better than even that they’re lazy, lying, and/or incompetent. (Think of this every time e.g. your work password expires and you’re required to change it.) There are so many specific examples that it’s hard to choose just one — but, conveniently, recently an old friend of mine stumbled across an example of this so vivid and unforgettable that I can’t write about it.

The situation is explored in depth , but to summarize: Gavin Chait, an independent development economist, asked local authorities in the UK to provide data on business properties registered in those areas, including whether those properties were vacant or not. A fifth of them were already publishing that information to their open-data websites; easy enough.

The value of that information should be obvious: determining economic trends over time, and making predictions; tracking the retailpocalypse, if and when it occurs; measuring the lifespan of businesses; more precisely estimating values and the timing of business real-estate development and investment; etcetera. Quite dry, if you ask me, but the kind(s) of thing which economists love.

So, naturally, Westminster City Council basically responded by claiming that this kind of open data would . No, wait, it gets worse! The forms of malicious activities which they claim would be encouraged by the open publication of registered business property data include, as mentioned, terrorism, but also identity fraud, money laundering, drug consumption, crack houses, and … wait for it … the horror! the horror! … “meeting places for young people, and rave parties.”

Obviously the vast pool of nefarious young people, terrorists, crack house builders, and ravers who are apparently poised to invade, once this Maginot Line of obscurity is breached, would never be able to find any vacant properties without the publication of this data. Truly, Westminster City Council is holding back a veritable tsunami of terror, identity theft, and drug abuse by keeping this toxically dangerous data away from our collective prying eyes.

It’s absurd, it’s painfully stupid, and I hope that Gavin’s forthcoming appeal overturns this risible idiocy. But it also an example of two worrying trends: locking up data which should be open, and the notion that the claim “it’s for security reasons,” no matter how ludicrous those reasons may be, is an unchallengeable magic spell which trumps any other consideration.

Public data should be a commons, not a treasure hoarded behind lock and key. But data be the new oil. I suspect that’s one big reason why bureaucrats instinctively want to keep it to themselves. (Before you quote “information wants to be free” at me, please keep in mind that that’s only half of what Stewart Brand said.)

“It’s for security,” though — that’s what really enrages me. No one should ever get to shut down conversation with the magic word “security.” Indeed, the opposite should be true: that claim should require far more supporting evidence than any other justification. Let’s hope we get to live in that world some day.

Disrupt SF 2018

San Francisco Sep 5 - 7

2018 Nominees

In addition to our 3 esteemed ATHENA Leadership Award® finalists, we have 3 finalists for the newATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award.

2018 ATHENA Leadership Award® Finalists

Janis Buhl-Macy of Cambridge City, Indiana, is the founder and owner of the Western Wayne News. She retired as the publisher in August 2017. Before establishing the newspaper, Buhl-Macy and her husband, Ed (deceased) helped to establish the Milton Lions Club in 1965. They owned and ran the former Fireside Restaurant. Within the community, Buhl-Macy has been a foster parent and a mentor at Western Wayne Elementary School. She has served on the committee for the Greens Fork Alumni and as a board member for Wayne County, Indiana Convention Tourism Bureau, the Town of Cambridge City and the Cambridge City Chamber of Commerce.

Susan Isaacs of Richmond, Indiana, is a trustee for Wayne Township. She is the co-founder and a board member of Sprout of Control. She is also the founder and director of the Grassroots Action Resource Center. She researched and uncovered historic information about Kings Cemetery in Richmond, and worked to restore the original tract that is now a space for the public. Isaacs has served as a board member for the Society for Preservation and Use of Resources (SPUR) and Wayne County Foundation. She served as the coordinator for the Hope House Dinner Project.

Amanda Marquis of Richmond, Indiana, is the Executive Director of The Leland Legacy, a licensed assisted living community in Richmond, IN. Her passion for the senior population does not stop in Wayne county but reaching to the statehouse to be an advocate for them there as well.She is a strong supporter of the city of Richmond, women achieving their full leadership potential, buying local, rescue/therapy dog programs and helping grow nonprofits by serving on various boards over the years. Amanda has served on the Women’s Fund Committee, YMCA Board President, Center City Development, BNI President and Ambassador. Nonprofits such as Girls Inc, WCTV, All Aboard Event, Area 9/LifeStream, Richmond Civic Theater, United Way, Townsend Center, In Concert and Genesis have been on the receiving end of support and contributions under Amanda’s leadership at the Leland. A video was created of her testimony to be shared by the Women’s Resource Network, used as a training tool for high school classes and used in leadership training for managers of various industries.

2018 ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award Finalists

Roxie Deer of Richmond, Indiana, is the director of programs and events for the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce. She previously worked with The Excel Center-Richmond as the college transition and career pathways coordinator, instructor, life coach, and she worked for IU East as a student success coach and counselor. Deer is a board member of Helping Young Professionals Engage (HYPE). She is a board president for Youth as Resources and she is the events coordinator for Liberty Acres United Animal Sanctuary. She is also a volunteer for Reid Foundation’s BRAvo! initiative.

Brittany Irvine of Richmond, Indiana, is the director of the Indiana Cuddle Cot Campaign, a cooling device that allows families of stillborn babies the chance to spend more time with their child during such a horrific time. The Indiana Cuddle Cot Campaign also provides bereavement services to families dealing with pregnancy or infant loss and strives to educate the public about the issue. She is the founder and facilitator of Still Breathing (an online support group), and a mentor for the StillBirthday Doula Program. Irvine is also the practice manager for Runnels Chiropractic.

Jessie Pilewski of Richmond, Indiana, is a career coach for the Earlham College Center for Career and Community Engagement. Her work with first-generation and underrepresented students has led her to also become a mentor and role model for many of these students. Previously, she worked with WorkOne in Randolph County as a youth services advisor. In 2018, she received her certification in Identity and Leadership Development for Teen Counseling from Ball State University. Jessie also dedicates time to support students who are studying pre-health, applying to medical school, and job shadowing at health organizations in the Richmond community.

The ATHENA Leadership Award® Dinner will be Thursday, June 21, 2018 at Forest Hills Country Club.

Athena International is a women’s leadership organization that supports, develops and honors women leaders through the programs it administers. Athena’s flagship program, the ATHENA Leadership Award® Program, has honored over 6,250 women leaders from hundreds of cities and eight countries since its inception in 1982.

The program is facilitated locally by Wayne Bank and Indiana University East, licensed Athena host organizations. Nominations are sought throughout the community and recipients are selected by a diverse group of community leaders based on the criteria above.
Check out photos from the 2018 Athena Award Dinner: Athena 2018 on Facebook
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